Ministries & Organizations

Rosary Society

The Rosary Society is an organization open to all women of the Parish. We gather on the first Sunday of the month at the 8:00am Mass with a meeting following in the School Hall.  The purpose of the society is to offer our devotion to Mary through the rosary which we say at our meetings as well as consider charitable acts we may perform.
Since our parish name is in honor to “Our Mother”, what better way to show Her love? Join us!

Men’s Ministry/Peter’s ‘Postles

The Men’s Ministry/Peter’s ‘Postles of OLG is open to any man, single, married, widowed, divorced or separated. Through the study of Sacred Scripture men are challenged to embrace the fulness of Gospel and Church teachings on the role of the man in the world, the Church and the family.

The Men’s Ministry/Peter’s ‘Postles meets every Tuesday from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.  Meetings locations alternate weekly between between Our Lady of Grace and Saint Helen’s parish.  The meetings at OLG are typically held in the rectory dining room.  For more information on the Men’s Ministry please contact Alex Breviario at the rectory at 718 843 6218 and ask to be directed to the Men’s Ministry.

Familia for Women

Familia (Family Life in America) is a national apostolate of Catholic laity committed to the well being of the family. Specifically, Familia for Women is a ministry designed to help wives and mothers of young children live their faith, fulfilling their potential in the vocation to which they have been called. Some time is spent on Gospel reflection and catechesis, while the bulk of our time is spent studying some of the beautiful writings of Pope John Paul II. Some of the many topics explored are: passing on the faith, the family as domestic church, the true meaning of the marriage covenant and the true meaning of feminism.

Sessions run from September through June.  Meetings take place every other week, currently on Tuesday and Wednesday.  For more information please contact Jeanne Antonino at (718) 835-7102.

Grace for the Unborn

Grace for the Unborn was founded in the fall of 2003 by women of Familia who were prompted by the writings of Pope John Paul II to bring to the parish the magnificent teachings of the Church on the sanctity of life.  While emphasizing the tragedy of abortion, Grace for the Unborn seeks to help parishioners, especially parents of our parochial school and CCD ministries, to understand that all human life is sacred at every stage.  Passionate for the truth about abortion and all life issues, the members of Grace for the Unborn delve into the root causes of anti-life mentality from artificial contraception to a general lack of knowledge.  Education is the key element for “Grace for the Unborn’s” outreach.

Through hand-outs to parents in the school and religious education ministries, weekly pro-life messages in the parish bulletin, an information table in the church vestibule with books and pamphlets, Grace for the Unborn works to make OLG a parish that celebrates God’s greatest gift – LIFE.

Senior Citizens

Our Senior Citizens meetings and get together’s have been going since 1970.  In order to join you have to be 50 years or older.  We meet every Friday.  We have about 100 members. Every January we collect $5.00 dues for the year.

  • On Wednesdays when we meet, we collect .75 which goes to get coffee or tea and a different kind of Dunkin Donut every week. We play bingo for which you play 3 cards for $1.00 or .35 for just 1 card.
  • During the year we try to have a party for Christmas & New Year’s, then for St. Joseph & St. Patrick.
  • When we close for the 2 months of summer (July & August) we have a closing party.  We go back to our regular meetings Wednesday after Labor Day.
  • During the year we try to run bus rides to Atlantic City.

The Senior Citizens group gives us all one day of the week to get together to relax and talk about our children, grandchildren, and all of our aches & pains.

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