Restoring the Culture

Through media and communications

Through media, the OLG Catholic Culture Project attempts to restore the culture to its Christian identity, and to restore Christ to the culture, so as to restore human hearts and minds to Jesus.

Here you will find articles, podcasts (long form, and short monologues) and videos that educate, engage and challenge, but also delight and inspire thought, and emotional connection


Listen to this beautiful song by
John Michael Talbot about God's love and mercy.
It's perfect for deep prayer and reflection.
Hiding PlaceListen Now

Truth, beauty and goodness draw us into the Catholic faith, and the essence of God.


A variety of new insights into our culture and history
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Explore wide-ranging topics from short monologues, to long-form podcasts
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Spiritual music, hymns  and chants that use scripture, or prayers. Explore the history, meaning, of these beautiful hymns and learn how you might utilize them in your own prayer life.
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Instructional, informative and inspiring. Here you’ll find short videos and reels with more to come.
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Sting performs “There Is No Rose of Such Virtue”