Grace for the Unborn

Grace for the Unborn was founded in the fall of 2003 by women of Familia who were prompted by the writings of Pope John Paul II to bring to the parish the magnificent teachings of the Church on the sanctity of life.  While emphasizing the tragedy of abortion, Grace for the Unborn seeks to help parishioners, especially parents of our parochial school and CCD ministries, to understand that all human life is sacred at every stage.  Passionate for the truth about abortion and all life issues, the members of Grace for the Unborn delve into the root causes of anti-life mentality from artificial contraception to a general lack of knowledge.  Education is the key element for “Grace for the Unborn’s” outreach.

Through hand-outs to parents in the school and religious education ministries, weekly pro-life messages in the parish bulletin, an information table in the church vestibule with books and pamphlets, Grace for the Unborn works to make OLG a parish that celebrates God’s greatest gift – LIFE.