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The world is facing a different type of global pandemic. It’s called secularism. The cure is Catholicism.

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It’s hard to go anywhere or do anything without being reminded that we are still living in a covid 19 era. It’s on TV, it’s in the news, it’s on social media. But what you never see, hear, or read about is an even more deadly pandemic that mankind is facing right now.

It’s a pandemic of a very deadly disease. This disease starts in the mind, and gradually moves to the will. It renders the mind paralized, and ultimately seizes the heart. It’s a deadly disease. More deadly than COVID. And it has been infecting people for decades now, like a silent killer. Unlike COVID it doesn’t attack the body per se. It attacks the person; the soul, which animates the body, resulting not strictly in bodily death, but eternal death.

The disease is secularism—sometimes also called humanism. It ejects the sacred from religion. And ejects God from culture, schools, and from all reality. The disease begins its work by infecting the intellect, causing paralysis of the reason. As the human reason begins to fail the emotional faculty attempts to compensate by doing the work of moral calculations and ethical negotiations when the reason is no longer able to do it.

But the emotions don’t do this work very well because the emotions aren’t meant to do our moral thinking. The intellect is.

Using the emotions to do the work of the intellect is like using the liver to do the job of the stomach. In replacing the mind with the emotions, we replace reality with perception. We don’t think about things, but instead feel about things. What is good and true becomes a matter of how we feel about it, rather than a matter of reality.

As the disease progresses, the infected begin applying more and more distorted ethics as they become more and more departed from objective reality and basic sense.

You see, sense relies on the reason and reasoning is a function of the intellect. When the intellect is diseased, the reason becomes paralyzed.

And when the reason becomes paralyzed sense is nowhere to be found. Why else would abortion be thought of as a human right as it denies the unborn child, the right to its own humanity?

Over time, the infected begin to more broadly apply their distorted understanding of ethics and morality as they infect others through secularized, often godless philosophies of life.

“Don’t tell me I’m wrong! Jesus said don’t judge”.

“God loves sinners, and therefor God is indifferent to sin.”

“God is everywhere, and so I don’t need Church.”

None of those statements are true. But how can a person know that if their minds are disabled? How can a person know they’re wrong, when being surrounded by so many people who are wrong makes “being wrong” seem normal? How can the infected know they’re infected when so many being infected at the same time makes infection look healthy?

This is a slow-moving disease. It takes time to incubate and for the infected to begin showing symptoms. Once they do, it takes a little more, more time still for the infected to themselves become contagious and spread the disease to others. It’s so slow moving that you almost don’t even know it’s happening until the outbreak reaches pandemic proportions and the contrast between the sick world and the healthy world becomes too apparent to deny.

And that’s where we are right now.

There’s a cure for this disease. It’s called Catholicism. Catholicism not only preserves the intellect, it empowers it. It also provides the sacramental life which unites human beings to God’s grace and mercy in a way that’s direct and substantial and real. And this strengthens us against any spiritual disease. While the secular culture reduces truth to obscurity, Catholicism gives the truth in its fullness and richness where

If we want to heal the world, we have to begin by knowing the faith well and putting it into practice in our lives. Then we have to spread it to others the way any cure for any deadly disease is distributed, everywhere infection is found.

Most importantly, we must give the faith in its fullness and without compromise to our children and young adults, we have to preserve them from this disease most urgently because the disease works fastest and does its greatest damage when contracted by young people.

As part of this cure, we have to remember to be prayerful. Pray the rosary regularly, pray it with your family, encourage others to have a devotion to our blessed mother and her immaculate heart. If our Lord is the perfect doctor, our lady, his mother, is the most tender nurse. Let the healing begin. Brothers and sisters, may God be with you all.

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