NEWS: Live Streaming UPDATE

Our Lady of Grace Parish is now offering our Live Stream right here on our website!

And as an added benefit you can also view the stream over any connected device or Smart TV that supports the YouTube app.
(NOTE: Please be patient with our feed as we iron out a few remaining bugs here and there.)

Here are some details about the stream, where to get it, and ho

OLG’s Website:

By clicking on the “Live Stream” link in the menu at the top of our site, or by entering the address into your computer or mobile web browser you’ll be brought to our live stream page here on our website.   This is an exciting step forward for us! The stream will work on computers, smartphones, and tablets. This provides the easiest, simplest and least crowded viewing experience.


Our new YouTube channel is and you’ll find links to our videos and our live feed there.


No changes here! You can still view our live stream on Facebook, just as you always have. The live stream is broadcast to both Facebook and YouTube simultaneously.  You still do not need a Facebook account to view the stream. Facebook is arguably not the best streaming experience, but we leave it to you to decide what works best for you

Smart TVs

Any TV that runs the YouTube app can play our live stream.  This includes TVs connected to AppleTV, Roku, and TV’s that natively run WebOS and Google TV. You’ll just need to install the YouTube app on your device or platform of choice.  Just search for our channel in your TV/Device’s YouTube app (Channel name: Catholic Culture Project) and you’ll be able to play our live stream from there.

One Last Thing

A gentle reminder that watching mass online, or on TV is not a substitute for mass attendance in-person. For those who are homebound, or are otherwise unable to come to Mass through no fault or responsibility of their own, watching holy mass on TV, or over the Internet is the next best thing to being there.  But for those who are able to attend mass, watching the mass online or on TV does not satisfy your Sunday obligation and does not avail you of the abundant graces God provides through the mass when we are in attendance.

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