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Our Lady of Grace is a faith-filled community spanning many generations. Nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ, we accept Jesus’ Invitation to “Come follow Me.” As Christ’s presence in the world, we continue to build our relationship with God through loving service to others. We strive to bring forth the unique gifts of our parish family and to spread the Gospel for the greater glory of God.

Bring Your Kids to Church

Fr. Marc reminds us that, as parents, we have the honor and the duty to bring our children to mass, and to God. They’re surrounded by many voices. Not all of them good. They need to be brought to Church to hear the word of God. They can’t get to Church without their parents.

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Christ The Consolator

1884 by Carl Heinrich Bloch

Christ stands on a fragmented slab of rock, implying that He is the “rock of our salvation.” As He stands with outstretched arms, two male figures lean against Him, seeking peace and refuge. Their inclined figures form the base of a triangular composition and direct the eye to the compassionate face of the Savior. A widow wearing a black veil stands behind the child who peers out at the viewer.

The troubled face of a man in chains on the right suggests the apprehension with which he comes to the Savior for forgiveness. At first, he hesitates, wondering if his offering of a broken heart is enough. Behind him a skeptic appears deep in thought. By including this diverse cross-section of humankind, the painting expresses reassurance that Jesus will accept all of them, and us as well.

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