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Our Lady of Grace is a faith-filled community spanning many generations. Nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ, we accept Jesus’ Invitation to “Come follow Me.” As Christ’s presence in the world, we continue to build our relationship with God through loving service to others. We strive to bring forth the unique gifts of our parish family and to spread the Gospel for the greater glory of God.

Lenten Series

We are planning a lenten series beginning Tuesday evening, February 7th, based on the seven sacraments. The series will take place in the church.

This is a good opportunity to deepen your Lenten experience.

There will be sign-up sheets at the doors of the church, or you can contact the office to register.

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“The Torment of Saint Anthony [of the Desert]”

Late 15th century (c. 1487-88) by Michelangelo 

Painted when the artist was 12 or 13 years old, The Torment of Saint Anthony depicts St. Anthony of the Desert’s (or St. Anthony the Great’s) struggle with the the devil and the demons during his time in isolation in the desert. The demons would at times assault him physically, as well as through strong temptations. But the painting also depicts another truth. The demons assault of St. Anthony was to prevent his advancement in holiness. In the painting you see St. Anthony flying, achieving great height despite the great number of demons trying to drag him back down.  Anthony resisted them through constant prayer, fasting and reflecting on the scripture.  It was impossible for the devils to stop his ascent to holiness with such a powerful spiritual regimen.   It’s true for us, too in this spiritual life. Through constant prayer, self denial, and reading and reflecting on God’s word in the Bible, the forces of evil that try to hold us back from holiness are unable to achieve their mission.